Monday, 16 March 2015

Say Goodbye To The Middleman

You will not need to go far to read about the doom and gloom surrounding the energy industry amidst plummeting oil prices. These radical changes have presented challenges in many areas across the industry, but one of the most prominent seems to be “manpower”.  

After speaking with several companies we identified that a key challenge for oil & gas majors’ right down to small fabrication shops, was sourcing manpower at rates that reflect the sudden reduction in Oil prices. The plunge in oil prices have quite literally meant that labour rates have had to decrease from anything from 20-40%.

So where does that leave you?

Drastic reductions in labour rates can leave you in a situation where your manpower needs are not being met due to subcontracting companies not being able to supply quality skilled workers at rates they can profit on. In turn this can leave you with a shortage of men and as a direct result, slow down the overall production and delivery of your project.

Our solution:

At BBL Manpower we understand what this means for you and feel that it is our duty to provide a service that reflects your needs.

Typically we would supply skilled workers to companies who would then supply them to you. This process has allowed sub-contractors to increase rates through added commission. We would now like to say goodbye to this “middle man” way of thinking and liaise directly with YOU. By dealing with us directly we can provide cost effective manpower solutions at a price that reflects current trends in the market and offer you a bottom line labour rate that cuts out the added costs of sub-contractor commissions. Our hands on approach to recruitment also allows us to alleviate the burden of employment administration allowing you to focus time into the execution and delivery of your project.

So if you have manpower requirement you would like to discuss in finer detail or you would like a copy of our brochure, why not give us a call on 0208 514 8866 or email us on

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